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Healing Touch Mentor!

Healing Touch Program has created the new Healing Touch Program Mentor Training Course and Mentor Support Portal to help you have a successful mentorship practice.

By participating in Healing Touch Mentor Training you will have the tools and knowledge to become a successful Mentor. We will be giving you information on how to launch a successful mentorship practice one that can stand alone or be integrated with your current practice or teaching. We will be teaching you how to motivate, encourage, advise, coach, listen, tutor, and guide your Mentees to successful completion of their HTCP certification. By learning to be an effective mentor, you will be able to help your Mentee to harness their talents and to awaken their ambition, passion, and their drive to succeed.  

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Overview of the Mentor Training Course:

HT Mentor training is a 10 week course that is a combination of both online training and live coaching calls. We planned the course so that students could register at any time and get access to the video lectures and the Mentor training workbooks. This was important, because taking the Mentor Training will become a requirement in January 2016 in order to be a mentor in the Healing Touch Program. The MT Course is one step in mentorship, along with successfully getting 3 HTP's through Certification while working with your Supervising QM. 

The course has 9 mentor video lectures that run approximately 40 minutes - to an hour in length - a few are a little over an hour. The videos are available in the Mentor Support Portal to registered students and repeat students. These lectures correspond with the Mentor Training workbook that is located in the Mentor Training support material area. 

With the course you will also have 10 weekly Mentor Coaching calls that go along with the weekly lectures. In these live coaching calls the Instructors will discuss the mentor training lectures and workbook details, review homework, and discuss actual Mentor/Mentee issues. These calls will be offered as a live series twice this year. If you miss the live calls they will be recorded and posted in the portal. To get the most out of the course it is best to be enrolled in the course when the calls are live verses the recorded calls so you can ask your particular questions. 

Once you have taken the Mentor Training Course you are registered for life! You will have full access to any updates and may repeat the course at any time. In addition, if you are already a Qualified Mentor, you are granted access to the course at no charge. If you repeat the course you will not receive CE credit and you will not have your homework assignments reviewed.

Full Module Breakdown of each week of the Mentor Training Course:

Week 1:

  • The importance and benefits of Mentor Training - and how it will support the development of healers. We will show you how this training will help you feel more confident in your role of mentor and support you in bringing the correct and up to date material to your mentees
  • Attributes of an effective mentor, so that you can learn to become an effective mentor. 
  • Management of learning styles - learn the difference in adult learning styles so that you can effectively support your mentee and honor their learning style and make the most of your time together
  • A clear understanding of the requirements and standards for Level 5 Completion and HTCP Certification and differences between them. This is one of the stumbling blocks and frustrations for mentees when they do not clearly understand the differences between Level 5 and certification requirements. With this understanding you will be able to easily manage your mentees expectations between Level 5 and certification.
  • We will take an in-depth review of the HTP Level 5 Criterion One Completion requirement: Professional Profile Notebook
  • Concluding with addressing Certification Criterion One - Completion of Coursework

Week 2:
  • We will discuss Level 5 Homework versus Certification requirements verses Certification Criterion number 2: Professional Resume - gain understanding of the different requirements for Level 5 and Certification and how to describe them to your mentee to help them successfully complete this criteria.
  • This module includes several Resume Examples you can share with your mentees.
  • Discussion of HTP Level 5 Completion - Criterion 7a: Community Project
  • Discussion of HTP Level 5 Completion Criterion 7b: Networking/Support Group activity
  • The course will cover how to format these reports, and what items to include for both of these criteria. 

Week 3:
  • How to Critique a Resume for your mentees based on content, appearance and accuracy
  • How to provide constructive, actionable feedback to your mentees that supports them in their development and learning
  • We will discuss HTP Level 5 Completion Criterion 5: Educational Resources versus HTP Certification Criterion Three: Educational Resources and Development as a Healer
  • You will gain understanding of how to:
    • Help your mentee know how to organize their report
    • How to create a summary statement
    • How to correctly create a bibliography report in standardized APA format
  • HTP Level 5 Completion Criterion Four: Self-care Healing Modalities - learn the purpose of this criteria, what to include and what not to include and the details on reflective summary reports 
Week 4:
Guidelines for Mentorship including:
  • 8 Key topics for the mentor to review and apply with mentee
  • Aspects of mentee case management
We will discuss HTP Level 5 Criterion Six: Supervised Mentorship Experience verses Certification Criterion Four: Supervised Mentorship.
How the mentee reports the mentorship experience and specific requirements
Mentee/Mentor Responsibilities including:
  • Mentorship contracts
  • Communication
  • Giving balanced feedback
Learn how to evaluate mentee HT skills
How to deal with a change in mentorship - if you or the mentee needs to suspend the relationship. 
Included is:
  • Sample mentorship agreements/contracts
  • an article on how to choose a mentor
  • Conflict Resolution Example that you can use in your own mentorship role
Dynamics of Group Mentoring
We also cover Certification Criterion Five: Ethics and Professionalism - how the mentee reports on scope of practice, making referrals and informed consent in their practice. 
Week 5:
Conflict resolution, the styles of conflict, approaches to conflict and approaches to conflict resolution.
We will discuss:
  • What is conflict?
  • How people express conflict, patterns
  • 5 different styles of conflict.
  • 3 different approaches for conflict resolution
  • 4 stage process model of conflict and resolution  
Week 6:
Is about Healing Touch Level Five completion homework criterion: Evidence of HT Practice and Evidence of Healing Touch Practice - and Certification requirements for criterion six Evidence of Healing Touch Practice
For the HTP Level 5 requirements we will look at what official documentation forms can be used, clarification how many sessions and how many clients, use of computerized forms, break down of the documentation form discussion of each part of the 10 step HT sequence and how to help improve the mentees use and understanding of these forms
Then we move to Certification Criterion Six: Evidence of Healing Touch -
We take an in-depth look at the certification requirements for - Description of Your Practice, Case Study and - Healing Touch Session Documentation
We end with an Introduction to HT Emergency Guidelines
Week 7:
  • We're going to talk about legality of touch laws and trends today as well as liability and then consent and disclosure forms.
  • This will include Essential Elements of Consent and Disclosure forms
  • Understanding What is a 'Safe Practice',
  • When to refuse treatment
  • And when to call 911 
Week 8:
This week we are talking about some of the interactive pieces between mentor and mentee as well as practitioner and client.
We will cover:
Transference and counter transference
  • What this means in your practice and with your Mentees
  • Signs of transference and counter-transference
  • How to create professional boundaries.
  • Includes Discovering Your Boundary Issues tool
We will discuss the essential elements of a Case Study - for HTP Level 5 criterion eight and Certification Criterion six. 
  • Specific requirements
  • Use of techniques
  • Requirements of the Final Evaluation/Summary 
  • The Discharge summary statement 
We will also use a sample case study to discuss: Pointers on formatting case studies and Hallmarks to look out for when reviewing.
Week 9:
Learn now to evaluate the Mentee's case management comprehension and expertise
Mentor Support:  
  • Identify what is yours and what is theirs
  • Arbitration and handling serious issues
  • Time management of met goals
  • Discussion of Self care
Wrap up of class and discussion of where to go next and how to find: Further support and resources.
 We have added a bonus Week 10 - live coaching call
This will be an opportunity to talk with members of the Certification Board. 
A chance to discuss: 
  • Certification Packet Application processing
  • Patterns the reviewers see with Application packets
  • Suggestions the certification reviewers many have for your Mentees, 
  • A chance to ask specific questions from your experience working with Mentees.


We hope that you will join us for this extraordinary course!  

Summary Details:

Dates: 2018 January Session starts January 16 - March 20, 2018.

This 10 week course is a combination of online training and live coaching calls. As of January 2016, this advanced practice training is a requirement for being a mentor in the Healing Touch Program.  

Prerequisite: HT Level 5 and above       

Length: 10 consecutive weeks; 1:15 hours per week + homework of additional 1-2 hours per week

Tuition: $475 (payment plans available)

CE contact hours: 27

Next session begins January 16, 2018 and will run through March 20th. The course will be offered on Tuesday's, 9:00am Pacific, 10am Mountain, 11:00am Central, 12:00pm Eastern.

REGISTER TODAY by clicking on the button below or call the HTP office at 210-497-5529 extension  104 or email Jennifer at Payment plans available.

Once you have registered you will receive a confirmation letter and instructions on how to join the Live Mentor Coaching calls and how to  get access to the Mentor Support Portal that contains all the training materials. 


Mentor Training Course - January 2018

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